About Shaken Baby Syndrome

Shaken baby syndrome is a horrible occurrence. Shaken baby syndrome happens when a baby is shaken so forcefully that the baby’s brain rebounds against the baby’s skull. This rebounding can lead to some very serious brain injuries, including swelling, bruising, and bleeding of the brain. These, in turn, can lead to permanent brain damage and, for many victims of shaken baby syndrome, even death.

Shaken baby syndrome is caused when an adult shakes a baby. Shaken baby syndrome, although it is rarely if ever the intended result, almost always results from a serious and violent act by an adult. Shaken baby syndrome cannot, generally speaking, be caused in the normal process of playing with a baby. Throwing a baby in the air, swinging a baby in your arms, and normal everyday activities like this will not cause shaken baby syndrome. Shaken baby syndrome is caused when a baby’s head is forced to go back and forth in a violent motion, jerking suddenly each time the direction of the shaking changes.

In roughly half of known cases, shaken baby syndrome is caused by a parent. There tend to be more incidences of fathers causing shaken baby syndrome than mothers. The rest of the cases are people like caregivers, friends, relatives, and babysitters.

There is also a connection between shaken baby syndrome and colic. Sometimes, when a baby cries incessantly, adults can lose control of their tempers, and this results in shaken baby syndrome. While colic does not cause shaken baby syndrome, the incidence of shaken baby syndrome seems to be higher among babies that have colic. If your baby has colic, you should be aware and on top of your own emotions. Make certain that you have some help in caring for your child, whether it is a spouse, relative, or other caregiver. Don’t be afraid to place your baby down in a safe place and allow her to cry for a bit while you try to gather your own thoughts and feelings.