Are Chiropractic Treatments Safe For My Baby?

It might not be one of the most obvious options available to parents of a baby with colic, but many people have experienced relief with chiropractic treatments for their baby. The fact of the matter is that there are many conditions and experiences that can cause a baby’s body to be out of line in one way or another. Not the least of these is, of course, the experience of birth! Whether it is because of the compressing of the body that occurs as a baby passes through the birth canal, or whether it is that your baby has developed a misalignment in some other way, it is not uncommon for a baby to need some readjustment. The good news is that chiropractic treatments are indeed safe for your baby.

Chiropractic treatments for a baby are not exactly like chiropractic treatments for adults. For adults, we tend to think of a stereotype where the chiropractor twists the person into all sorts of shapes, causing things to pop and snap into place. In all reality, chiropractic treatments for a baby are much different than this stereotype. Essentially, chiropractic treatments for your baby would consist of applying a relatively small amount of pressure with the fingers onto areas of your baby’s neck and back. These adjustments are much less pronounced than they are with adults, as babies tend to be much more pliable than adults.

When selecting a chiropractor to treat your baby, you should be certain that the chiropractor has had both training and experience in performing chiropractic treatments on infants. If you are uncertain, you can ask the chiropractor for referrals. As always, it is probably a good idea to discuss the chiropractor visit with your baby’s health care provider first. It may be that there are certain specific reasons why, in the case of your baby, it might not be a good idea to seek out chiropractic care.