Best Blankets for Baby Sleep

You want the best for your baby. The blankets you wrap your baby in should be no exception. The fact is that not all baby blankets are created equal. You want your baby’s blanket to be comfortable, safe, and warm.

The best blankets for infants are wearable blankets, also called sleep sacks. Sleep sacks are essentially blankets which zip or Velcro up, almost like a cross between coverall pajamas and a sleeping bag. Not only are they comfortable and warm, but they can help promote safe sleep habits.

Using a wearable blanket for baby can help her to stay sleeping on her back while she is sleeping, even after she has mastered the ability to turn over onto her stomach. This makes it more likely that baby will stay sleeping on her back longer, helping to prevent SIDS.

Another benefit of using a wearable blanket is that it eliminates the need for loose blankets in baby’s crib. Baby sleep experts have identified loose blankets as one of the most common causes of SIDS. When babies get their faces pushed up into the folds of a loose blanket, they can suffocate. By using a sleep sack, you keep baby just as warm as you would using a loose blanket, without the added risk factor.

The best wearable blankets are made of a light, breathable material such as cotton. Using a blanket with a breathable material helps keep baby from overheating and also helps dissipate moisture if baby is sweating. Both of these factors can help baby fall asleep better and stay asleep for longer periods of time.

Some wearable blankets are even made for use with a car seat, something which can make life a lot more convenient for moms and dads who need to move baby into or out of the car without waking her up. This is especially useful if you have one of those babies who fall asleep best during a car ride.

While there are any number of good baby blankets on the market, the safest blanket for your baby to sleep in is a wearable blanket. Keep your baby warm, secure, and safe. Use a soft, wearable blanket whenever she sleeps.