When Do Babies Start Teething?

There’s nothing like baby’s first gummy smile to brighten up a room. On second thoughts, there’s nothing like the appearance of baby’s first tooth to bring forth applause from parents, siblings and grandparents. Teething is a bittersweet affair; one minute we’re celebrating the arrival of teeth, the next we’re trying to cope with the discomfort […]

Teething And Diarrhea – How To Help Your Baby

Debate continues as to whether teething causes diarrhea or not. What’s clear is, many parents report loose stools while their baby’s teeth are erupting. This could be a) coincidental, due to the fact that the level of immunity they received from being in the mother’s womb drops off and the child’s immune system must take […]

Is A Low Grade Fever Normal When Teething?

When your baby’s teeth start erupting from the gums, you’ll notice that she may be feeling a little off color from her normal self. Some babies experience very few troubling symptoms whereas others suffer each time a tooth emerges, until it’s safely through. When you notice a low-grade fever, it could mean that she is […]