Choosing A Gift For A Newborn – Things To Consider

The first questions everyone asks when a baby is born revolve around her birthweight, name and size. The next thing to ponder is what to buy the new baby as a gift to welcome them to the world. Gifts are a sign of good will, and while there’s much to be appreciated in a well considered gift, there’s just as much disappointment in a hastily chosen one.

Clothes – seasons and sizes
There’s no point giving warm weather clothes at the height of summer. Babies grow so quickly, there’s no telling how big she’ll be when the days are shorter and there’s a chill in the air. When buying clothing, ask someone who knows the size of the child and then add a size or two.

Pink for girls and blue for boys is well known. If you like to be a little different, however, try to match the color you choose to the baby’s hair color or skin tone. Even babies have a right to a bit of style!

Family Lifestyle
Families come in all flavors and colors. Some are deeply spiritual, others choose not to practice a religion. Some are avid beachgoers, others enjoy football or hockey as a family. Still other families are very environmentally-aware, and some prefer to be practical, regardless of such concerns. Always take lifestyle into account. Cloth versus disposable diapers, religious versus non-denominational wall hangings, all these things need to be considered so as not to offend, or just to provide a welcome gift.

Older Siblings
If the baby has older brothers and sisters, she will likely be the beneficiary of some wonderful hand-me-downs. It’s always nice, though, to have something personal, so embroidering initials on a towel, or engraving a name on a pewter mug are sweet ways of personalizing a gift for a new baby.

Include The Receipt
If you do offer a gift that may not fit the baby, include the receipt so that the mother can exchange the item at a later date. This is an appreciated gesture.

Noise-making toys
In the store, a musical toy may seem cute and quaint. Think how it would be to hear the same music over and over again. Choose something that is pleasant to listen to. Also determine if the volume is potentially too loud for a newborn.

Aim for originality
Among the piles of stuffed plush animals and teething rings, it’s always nice to discover an original gift that stands out. Think of all the things that will arrive in duplicate and do the family a favor by offering something different.

Safety first
Of all the considerations, safety comes first. Avoid cheap, poorly made items that will present a hazard to the baby.

Whatever you choose as a gift for a newborn, keep in mind that the baby herself will be blissfully unaware of your presentation. Suiting the parents, the family and their lifestyle is a sure way to suit the baby at the same time.