Herbs For Postpartum Recovery


Having a baby can be a wonderful and exciting experience. The days immediately following the birth of your baby, however, can also be something of a challenging time, as well. While it is true that some of your pregnancy discomforts may be subsiding or gone during the postpartum period, the fact remains that childbirth can be rather traumatic to your body. There are a variety of aches, pains, and discomforts that can occur after your baby is born. During the postpartum recovery period, it is especially important that you take care of your own body, as you are much better equipped to help out your little one and bond with your little one when your own ailments are under control. Many women have chosen to use herbs to help with postpartum recovery.

One of the ways that herbs can help with postpartum recovery has to do with sore bottoms. Whether you have had an episiotomy, perineal tearing, soreness, or hemorrhoids, it can be difficult for some women to even sit for extended periods of time after their baby is born. There are oils, lotions, compresses, and even sprays that you can use to help with your sore bottom during your postpartum recovery period. These herbal remedies might include things like shea butter, witch hazel, calendula, yarrow, and St. John’s Wort.

As is the case during pregnancy, you can use herbs for postpartum recovery in a variety of teas. Herbal teas may be able to help with any number of postpartum problems. Some herbal teas can help relieve stress, while others are designed to help with the production of breast milk. There are even teas that can help with the weaning process, and help to stop the production of breast milk when the time comes.

Another way to use herbs to help with postpartum recovery has to do with sore breasts, and breast engorgement. During the period of postpartum recovery, a woman’s body is just adjusting to the needs of her baby in terms of breast milk. If a woman is not breastfeeding, engorgement can be especially common. Herbs for sore breasts during postpartum recovery might take the form of a lotion or a cream. Generally, they will use things like cocoa butter or mango butter. There are also herbal breast compresses that can help with postpartum recovery. In some cases, these herbal breast compresses may even use time tested remedies, such as cabbage leaves or even black tea.