How Do Baby Sleep Positioners Work?

Sleep positioners are handy items to have for making babies more comfortable whether or not they suffer from conditions that can impede their ability to sleep through the night. With increasing awareness of SIDS, having babies sleep on their backs is foremost in the minds of parents with newborns and it remains that way as they grow through the months.

Wedge-Style Positioners
For babies who suffer from congestion or apnea, a wedge-style positioner enables parents to place them at a greater than 30 degree angle.

In the case of babies suffering from reflux, it’s important to keep their heads elevated so that their milk doesn’t rise back up their oesophagus and cause them to spit up. A sleep positioner in a wedge shape can be placed under the head end of the mattress so that baby sleeps on an angle.

Sleeping bolsters are like a change mat with a cylindrical cushion to either side. They serve to keep the child in position so that she doesn’t roll on to her tummy. Additionally, they create extra feelings of snugness and comfort in a comparatively large environment such as a crib. Due to the risks of SIDS, it’s recommended to have babies sleeping on their backs, and a bolster will stop your child from rolling over. Complete with Velcro fasteners, the bolster is snug and secure yet still allows your little one’s arms and legs freedom of movement. Bolsters are suitable from birth to around 3 months of age and in larger sizes for babies up to six months old.

Home made positioners
Before companies realized they could make excellent profits out of some baby products, parents improvised by creating their own. It’s still not uncommon to find cribs with a regular, grownup pillow set under the mattress to elevate the head end. And before bolsters were available on the market, a rolled up blanket to either side of the baby would suffice. The main concern with home-improvised items such as these is that they can sometimes present the risk of suffocation. If the rolled blanket comes undone, it can unfold onto the baby’s face and smother her. Similarly, if the pillow under the mattress is not positioned correctly, it could put baby off-center during her sleep and cause her to roll into the side of the crib.

When buying positioners and bolsters, ensure that they can be cleaned easily. Some can be thrown into the washing machine and washed with clothing, which is very practical and convenient indeed. Others simply need to have their covers removed for laundering.

Whether you buy or improvise, these items can be of great use in the nursery. You can even use them as change mats or as feeding aids, so potentially they can be of excellent practical use.