How Does a Wedge Help With Babies With Reflux?

If you have a baby with reflux then you are probably tired of waiting for the solution to solve itself and are searching for ways to make your baby feel better. And you are not alone because many babies will suffer from reflux at least once a day if not more. Unfortunately, babies with reflux frequently cry, hiccup, and seem completely miserable despite parent’s best efforts to soothe the little one. If your doctor has diagnosed your baby with reflux then you should consider all of your options, including a wedge that will elevate your baby and help reduce reflux symptoms.

You have probably heard of the herbal remedies and maybe even massage for a reflux baby, but you might have never heard of a wedge and the wonders it can do for your baby. Basically, the wedge is a support system that focus on elevating your baby to the best position for sleep and digestion so that reflux is not such a factor. You might think this sounds great, but are still at a loss for what a wedge really is. Generally, they are made of a sturdy foam or other material that can easily be shaped in an elevated form and support the baby’s weight. Wedges come in a variety of sizes for babies of different weights and sizes as well. When your baby sleeps on a wedge you can rest assured that if they have reflux episodes during the night they are more likely to go back to sleep on their own rather than waking up crying. This is good news for you and your baby because everyone needs their rest.

Positioning systems like wedges and slings have grown in popularity with many new parents as well as hospitals because they help babies during the early weeks and months to react to the many changes in their bodies and to have fewer reflux symptoms. There are a variety of reasons why you might use a wedge for your baby and they don’t all include reflux. Some parents use a wedge for their baby when they have a cold, gas, frequent crying, stuffiness, ear infections, and other similar complaints. Most new parents that give the wedge a try are surprised with its effectiveness and sing its praises because their baby finally got a good night’s rest.

The baby positioning systems like the wedge also allow for a variety of sleep positions. Babies can be positioned on their side, belly, or back. Most of the good wedges have straps or harnesses that safely secure the baby on the wedge so parents won’t be worried about their baby falling off and getting hurt.

If your baby cannot get good sleep at night for whatever reason then consider buying a quality wedge and see if that helps. More often than not it does and babies can get their much needed rest, not to mention the parents.