How Does the No Cry Sleep Solution Work?

There is nothing more challenging than exhausted parents trying to get their baby to bed and to be received with nothing but blood curdling screams and cries. Every parent goes through this at one point or another and some suffer more than others. For parents who can’t get their little one to bed without nonstop crying and tears the No Cry Sleep Solution may work. Some parents find this book to be incredibly helpful while others don’t notice any major changes. Either way, you may want to give it a try if you are having troubles with getting baby to sleep without tears.

Parents reading this book will be able to determine how to handle the sleep situation on their own. The book does not judge parents or make them feel guilty. Instead, it goes over why using a pacifier works and why it doesn’t. There is a section on co-sleeping and moving a co-sleeping baby to his own bed. The main part of the book focuses on how to get baby to sleep, and stay asleep, with no crying. The goal is to gradually help the baby learn how to settle himself. Lots of babies are rocked or breastfed to sleep only to wake up crying when they are no longer being snuggled. The overall goal is to help baby wake less and certainly not cry when awoken.

Parents who are committed to the “No Cry Sleep Solution” should plan on at least a month before their little one completely gets used to the new routine. It is slowly changing the way things are so that there are no tears getting accustomed to the new changes.

The book discusses ways for parents to help baby become accustomed to falling asleep on his/her own without rocking, nursing, or any other outside stimulus. It’s important for baby to gradually learn how to self soothe, thus being able to put himself back to sleep during the night. It takes time and patience, but parents opposed to the cry it out method that are in dire need of sleep will certainly want to try the “No Cry Sleep Solution.”