How to Dress Baby for Sleeping Success

There is no shortage of sleepwear available for babies. Ranging from adorably cute to simple and functional, you have plenty of options to choose from. So, what works best for it’s time to get baby dressed for bed? There are several things to consider.

First, make sure that whatever you dress your baby in for bed does not have loose ribbons or strings. If your baby’s sleepwear had buttons, make sure that they are all firmly attached and not in danger of coming loose. The idea is to eliminate any choking hazards.

Make sure baby’s bed clothing is warm enough, but don’t overdo it. Babies differ, but generally they will comfortable with the same density of clothing that adults wear. Generally, babies should have one more layer than adults. Many people like footie pajamas or sleep sacks because they keep baby’s feet covered. Nobody likes cold feet, and many babies will wake up if their feet get cold, so make sure to put socks on baby’s feet if the garment doesn’t cover them. Another advantage to one piece sleepwear is that it doesn’t rub against baby’s skin as much. Pajamas with separate shirt and pants can ride up on baby’s legs and stomach, possibly irritating or waking her.

Whatever kind of clothes you put on baby for bedtime, make sure that the fabric is comfortable. Cotton is usually your best bet here because it allows air to circulate better than other types of fabric. Cotton also absorbs moisture from baby’s body.

Finally, when dressing your baby for sleep, make sure that his clothing fits. Tight clothing restricts his ability to move and get comfortable when you’re trying to get him to sleep, and can make it difficult for him to stay asleep for long. And clothing that’s too loose can slip off, leaving him cold. As another option, if you swaddle your baby, and it’s warm, you might consider dressing her in just a cotton onesie.

When baby is dressed snug and warm, she will fall asleep easier and stay asleep longer. Which means that mom and dad will have a chance to get some rest for themselves.