How to Get Baby to Sleep in the Crib?

Many Americans have the idea that babies must come home from the hospital and begin sleeping by themselves in their very own crib. On the other hand, baby has been with mom 24 hours a day and 7 days a week since conception and this idea of sleeping alone is not a pleasant one. So, getting baby to sleep in his/her crib the first few months of life may not be the best option. A co-sleeping arrangement may work better or else a side car arrangement where baby is next to mom but not in the same bed. There are many books and methods to get baby to sleep in his crib, but parents should evaluate what’s most important to them before using any of these methods. Sleep is important and a lack of sleep is really hard when parents must function at work the next day. However, babies eventually outgrow this phase and will begin sleeping for longer stretches of time eventually.

Be Realistic

The first thing parents should do is be realistic. Baby wants to be with mom and dad, not alone in his crib. Parents should also realize that newborns will wake several times during the night for the first month or so for changing and feeding. This is normal and it’s hard, but eventually babies begin to sleep for longer stretches. Parents that accept these facts will find it easier to handle the sleep changes that occur with their little one.

Consider Other Options

Many parents find that everyone sleeps better when baby sleeps where he is most comfortable. This could be in the family bed, his crib, a sidecar bed, or the crib in the parents room. Exploring options is the best way to find a way for baby to sleep and for the parents to be comfortable.