How to Help Infant with Reflux Get Good Sleep

It comes as a shock to many parents, but staying asleep is difficult for many babies because they have reflux. In general, we think of reflux as an adult problem however many babies are affected by it and it truly can interrupt sleep. There are many things parents can do to help their infants handle reflux and allow everyone to get the sleep they need. The following are a few suggestions that many parents with babies with reflux find helpful.

Elevate the Mattress

Many babies sleep well in their car seats or swings, or even their parents’ arms, but when they are placed in their crib they wake up. Babies with reflux don’t sleep well on their backs because the reflux is more severe. Elevating the mattress or even the crib on one end is a great way to help baby keep the stomach acid down and minimize the reflux. Lots of parents resist the idea of letting baby sleep in any other area other than his crib, so this is a great solution.

Sleep Swing

For babies with severe reflux a sleep swing may be in order. There is one particular sleep swing called the Amby baby that allows babies to sleep somewhat reclined, but not so far back that reflux will be a problem. Also, babies own movements help rock him to sleep. Sleep swings are great because they are ultra portable, too, and parents should consider this option if their baby has serious reflux.


There are many medicines that may be prescribed to help baby with acid reflux. Talk to your pediatrician about your infant’s problem and see what he recommends. There are many options available and a prescription might be the best option to help your baby with reflux and ensure a sound night’s sleep for all.