How to Promote Infant Sleep

With infants it’s really important to promote sleep during the right times. All too often babies get their nights and days mixed up, which results in babies sleeping long stretches during the day only to be ready to play at night. This is not a good schedule for parents and the reason so many moms and dads try to figure out how to handle the sleep issue with their infant. The following suggestions will help you promote infant sleep and ensure your little one gets the right amount of sleep.

Play During the Day

In order to promote sleep you will need to play with baby during the day. This might include reading books, listening to music, or just making silly faces at one another. Keeping baby entertained during the day will show her that day time is for being awake and will promote nighttime sleep. Parents want their baby to sleep the longest stretch at night and active time during the day is the best way to accomplish this.

Get on a Schedule

Getting on a schedule is important for babies, too, because it will ensure that they know what to expect. When baby knows what comes next she will be able to anticipate whether its naptime or not. Keeping baby on a schedule is the best way to help her body learn when it’s time to wake up, when it’s time to eat, when it’s time to play, and finally, when it’s time to sleep. Getting on a regular schedule early is very important.

Bedtime Routine

Along with a schedule new parents should create a bedtime routine. This routine should be followed every single night so baby feels comfortable and secure and is prepared for bed. This could include a warm bath, singing songs, reading books, or whatever works for baby and parents.

These are just a few ways to help promote infant sleep that will work well when implemented consistently.