Infants’ Sleep Improved in Cooler Temperatures

Ask any parent what temperature their baby’s room should be and they will probably say a number in the 72-75 degree range. However, this is actually quite warm for a baby’s room and not only do baby’s sleep better in cooler temperatures, but they are also at a lower risk for SIDS by sleeping in a room that is between 61º F and 68º F. Babies should never be placed in a room with space heaters that are close to their crib and hot water bottles, electric blankets, or other heating devices should not be used in baby’s crib. Shockingly to many parents, overheating is considered to be one of the major issues with SIDS so it is preferable for baby’s room to be a little too cool than too warm. If a lightly clothed adult is comfortable then the room is an appropriate temperature for baby to sleep.

Dressing Baby for Bed

Dressing baby for bed should take several things into consideration including temperature, strangulation, and flammability. That means clothing should be tight fitting and made of non flammable fabric. Loose fitting pajamas are not recommended because they could suffocate baby not to mention catch fire more easily.


Consider hanging a thermometer in your baby’s room to gauge the temperature. Sometimes what the thermostat is set on is not the temperature in every room in the house. That way you can tell if your baby’s room is cooler or hotter than the thermostat and can adjust the temperature accordingly.

Keep in mind, too, that if your baby is sweating there is probably a reason for it. Take off a layer of clothing or a blanket and see if he is more comfortable. Remember, too, that if baby is hot the only way he can express this is by crying. Don’t always think that crying means your baby is hungry or tired.