Music Calms the Savage Baby

Music Calms the Savage Baby

When it comes to getting a fussy baby to sleep, it doesn’t take long before weary parents are willing to try anything. One of the things that we found to be very effective in helping our two babies fall asleep and stay asleep longer was playing Classical music. While we’re not saying it will work for everyone, it’s certainly worth a try if you’re having trouble getting your baby to sleep.

Babies tend to like soothing music of all kinds. That’s why mothers in every culture around the world throughout all time have put their babies to sleep by singing to them. Babies respond well to the soothing, rhythmic sound of their parents’ voice. They also respond well to music in just about any other form.

We found that by playing a CD of soft lullabies or mellow Classical music such as Brahms or Bach worked like a charm in helping out babies fall asleep more quickly. We found it especially helpful when trying to help our babies fall asleep after night time feedings, when we didn’t want to sing to them or directly interact with them, lest they be overly stimulated.

Of course, night time isn’t the only time that you should expose your baby to music. While we believe that some claims about Classical music’s ability to make your child smarter are probably inflated, there is no doubt that most babies enjoy hearing music.

If you’re not a fan of Classical music, play something different. Just make sure that the music you’re playing sets the right tone for what you are trying to do. Don’t play loud or exciting, fast music when it’s time for baby to sleep. Keep that kind of music for when baby is awake and ready to play.

Ultimately, you should make sure that any music you choose to play for baby is something that you like to listen to as well. If you baby ends up falling asleep well to a particular recording, chances are good that you’re going to be listening to it a lot over the next couple of years. You will want to make sure that the music is something you don’t mind living with.