My Baby Only Sleeps in the Car Seat!

Does your infant only sleep in the car and/or car seat? If so, odds are your little one likes the constant movement of the car and it lulls him to sleep. Also, the coziness of the car seat makes your baby feel more secure and he will relax and sleep. Many parents place their infant in a car seat to sleep or let them sleep for extended periods of time in the car. However, recent information shows that this might not be a good idea.

Several deaths have occurred in infants sleeping in car seats. What happens is babies cannot control their heads very well and when in a car seat asleep their heads may slump forward. This can press on the baby’s chest and cause them to have difficulty breathing. The airway can close up and infants in car seats have been shown to have lower levels of oxygen saturation.

Car seats that recline at a 45 degree angle should prevent the baby from slumping forward however there is no guarantee that infants sleeping in a car seat won’t slump over and have difficulty breathing. As a result parents should take care letting their infants sleep in car seats and when on long car rides baby should be checked regularly.

If your infant is only sleeping in a car seat then you should make an effort to find alternate sleeping arrangements that are safer. Many parents that allow their infant to sleep in a car seat have no idea that their child could potentially have difficulty breathing. This is not a widespread problem, however it is certainly something that has happened and that parents should be aware of. Ensure your baby has a new car seat that is up to date safety wise.