Normal Sleep Pattern in Infants

Parents of newborns seem to worry about everything. However, the issue of sleep seems to come up over and over again. Parents are always wondering if their baby is normal and if they are sleeping the right amount, waking up too much, or if they have their schedules reversed. The good news is that most babies get enough sleep, the bad news for parents is that it is completely normal for baby to wake up some at night because they need a diaper change or because they are hungry. As they grow and their tummies grow they will be able to go longer stretches of time without waking. However, if an infant sleeps for 5 hours straight that is considered “Sleeping through the night” so don’t let that phrasing confuse you! Many parents get confused by this term because they assume it means sleeping for at least 8 hours straight if not more. That’s not the case at this age, however, and most babies and even toddlers will continue to wake at night for a while.


Expect your infant to take two to three naps per day. Usually, an infant will fall asleep mid-morning for a couple hours, and wake up to eat, play, and go back to sleep mid afternoon. This is completely normal and babies will sleep about 5-6 hours during the day in their various naps. This is normal and babies should be allowed to nap. This is a great time for parents to relax, catch up on sleep, or other things that need to be done around the house.

Nighttime Sleep

During the night baby will probably sleep for 2-3 hours and wake up around midnight for a heavy feeding that will tie him over for another 6-7 hours. Parents can usually schedule their bedtimes with a feeding for baby so that everyone gets enough sleep.

Keep in mind, though, any concerns should be addressed by your pediatrician as soon as possible. It’s best to make sure all is well and always err on the side of caution.