What Is The Moro Reflex?

Babies are, by most accounts, cute and cuddly creatures that seem simple to please: feed, clothe and shelter them, allow them sleep and that’s all there is to it. Not so! Even as newborns, babies are very complex and finely tuned individuals who, thanks to nature, come with their own set of gadgetry and no real instruction manual to speak of.

One of the more interesting observations in a newborn is the way they seem to be scared of falling for no apparent reason. It seems there is no justification for a baby to have such a fear, especially considering that they’ve likely not experienced falling in the first place. But Mother Nature equips human beings with an amazing set of reflexes designed to protect us from all manner of possibilities.

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What Are The Signs Of A Baby Teething?

It’s often easy to miss the signs of teething. You may simply think your baby is having ‘an off day’ and is grizzly and grumbly for no apparent reason. This is especially true with first babies as new Moms don’t always know what to look for or expect.

Your baby’s teeth develop in the gums before they are even born. During her early months, whitish spots with a pearl like appearance may show on the gums. These are not teeth, are quite harmless and will vanish.

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Unique Baby Gifts

It’s difficult trying to come up with unique baby gifts. Short of frankincense and mhyrr, how can you really make an impression? Easy! Just by looking around and by being a little creative.

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When Do Babies Start Teething?

There’s nothing like baby’s first gummy smile to brighten up a room. On second thoughts, there’s nothing like the appearance of baby’s first tooth to bring forth applause from parents, siblings and grandparents. Teething is a bittersweet affair; one minute we’re celebrating the arrival of teeth, the next we’re trying to cope with the discomfort and misery of the process.

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Teething And Diarrhea – How To Help Your Baby

Debate continues as to whether teething causes diarrhea or not. What’s clear is, many parents report loose stools while their baby’s teeth are erupting. This could be a) coincidental, due to the fact that the level of immunity they received from being in the mother’s womb drops off and the child’s immune system must take over, at around the same time as teething starts, and b) when teething begins, all manner of things are put into the mouth, germs and all. Whatever the reason, diarrhea is a pain in the butt.

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