How Old Should My Babysitter Be?

Kids minding kids is never a good idea. It doesn’t make sense to put a child in charge of a child so that should be your basic guideline for the age of the babysitter that you select.

There are laws that govern the minimum age for babysitters. For instance, in New Hampshire, babysitter age guidelines were set in a Bill that took effect on January 1, 2007. It states that ‘It is acceptable for children ages 11 to 14 to baby-sit, with the expectation that the parent, guardian, or caretaker will be returning to supervise the children later that same day.’ It also states: ‘It is acceptable for children ages 15 and older to baby-sit for more than 24 hours.’

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How Much Should I Pay My Babysitter?

If ever there were a time you should not cut costs, it’s when paying a babysitter. Not that you shouldn’t receive value for money, but when you’re considering the value you place on your children’s lives, you need to be sure that your babysitter is worth what she charges.

Obviously rates vary, starting from a few dollars per hour for a teenage sitter who basically minds the kids for a short time while you attend to errands, through to more significant figures for highly trained professionals with years of experience who may be called upon to stay with the children for an entire weekend.

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How Does Swaddling Help A Baby Sleep?

Have you ever noticed when babies sleep, they often startle themselves awake, as though they’ve been watching a 3D movie in their dreams. This is called the startle reflex and it’s responsible for making a baby feel like he’s been abandoned. Even though it’s absolutely not the case, the baby isn’t to know this, and once the reflex awakens him, he’s likely to cry for his mother.

Swaddling is an ancient technique employed by many civilizations, not just for practical reasons such as to carry a baby but to provide soothing and a sense of protection. In modern times, studies have shown that there are other benefits to it, that may or may not have been acknowledge in days gone by.
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Finding A Baby Sitter – Tips For A Successful Search

Good babysitters don’t grow on trees, but you do have to search high and low for the pick of the crop.

Keep in mind that you are looking for someone who will take excellent care of your children in your absence. Be prepared to pay appropriately for quality care and peace of mind.

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Choosing A Gift For A Newborn – Things To Consider

The first questions everyone asks when a baby is born revolve around her birthweight, name and size. The next thing to ponder is what to buy the new baby as a gift to welcome them to the world. Gifts are a sign of good will, and while there’s much to be appreciated in a well considered gift, there’s just as much disappointment in a hastily chosen one.

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