Picking Your Baby’s Blanket

There are many different factors that will go into determining how your baby sleeps, and her blanket is one of those factors. Picking the right blankets for your baby is key not only to how well she’s going to sleep at night, but in many ways may impact her safety, as well. Choosing the right blanket for your baby is especially difficult because there are so many different options out there on the market.

Here are some important things to keep in mind when choosing blankets for your baby:

  • Different blankets have different purposes. Some blankets are meant to keep your baby warm at night. Other blankets are meant to keep out the elements when your baby is outside. Some are designed to offer you a discreet way to feed your baby when you’re in public. Blankets serve a variety of purposes, and choosing the right blanket for the right purpose is important.
  • Material matters. When you’re buying baby’s blanket, you need to pay attention to the material it’s made of. You want a breathable cotton blanket. This lets more air circulate through the fibers of the blanket, which keeps your baby from overheating. Don’t buy blankets that have fringes or ones that aren’t tightly woven. These kinds of blankets could unravel, and baby’s fingers can get caught in them. You need a durable blanket that can withstand all of the use and washing that you’re going to give it.
  • Consider swaddling blankets or sleep sacks for nighttime and naptime use. Having a loose blanket in your baby’s crib can increase the risk of SIDS. Using a swaddling blanket can be useful, especially if your baby tends to be a bit fussy at bedtime. A swaddling blanket helps your baby to feel comfortable and cozy. Likewise, a sleep sack can give your baby the comfort and warmth of a blanket without having to worry about the blanket covering his airway and creating a problem of re-breathing.

Ultimately, your choice of blanket for your baby is about much more than what will match the curtains in her room. Her comfort and safety need to be first and foremost in your mind when making that blanket choice.