Preemies and Sleep

Premature babies have special needs and they will have different needs when it comes to sleep, too. Babies born prematurely will need to sleep more than full term babies in order to develop properly. One problem is that many premature babies will sleep in short stretches, making it harder to ensure they get enough good sleep. It’s important for premature babies to be kept away from too many visitors and not to be over stimulated.

SIDS is also something parents of preemies should be aware of because preemies are at a higher risk of dying from this condition. Preemies should always sleep on their backs, regardless of whether it is nighttime or a nap. There should be no toys, blankets, or pillows in their crib and the mattress should be firm. There should be nothing in the crib that could cover the baby’s head or face.

Parents of preemies frequently worry over the health, growth, and development of their baby. It’s difficult to handle the short periods of sleep, too, because parents also need good rest. The good news is that with time preemies begin to develop and will be able to sleep for longer periods of time.

Parents concerned about their premature baby’s sleeping pattern should talk with their pediatrician. It’s also important to follow a bedtime routine and to ensure that baby is not over stimulated. Following these suggestions will allow parents to care for their baby and promote as much sound sleep as possible.