Putting Your Toddler to Bed

Sleeping Soundly

Toddlers typically have an over-abundance of energy that allows them to be constantly on the move. During the times they’re tired, this is often still the case to a much higher degree. In those times, they tend to bounce of the walls even more.

Some children are naturally good sleepers, while others aren’t. Fortunately, you can train your little one to go to sleep by on his own, and eventually, to sleep through the night. Here’s some tips:

  1. Start early. Toddlers that have been typically active don’t just stop and be expected to go to sleep. If you’re in the middle of the bedtime routine when dad gets home, he’ll want to avoid riling them up. Instead, he should read the kids a story, instead of playing an adrenaline filled game.
  2. Follow a nightly routine. A common routine many parents follow is dinner, bath then turn the lights out as you tell a story or sing a song to your child. Try to keep your child’s routine simple. You want to project an impression of predictability, safety and calm. Part of this routine includes setting a regular bedtime.
  3. Set up a cozy bed. To assure discomfort doesn’t wake your toddler, make sure her sleeping area is quiet, dark and warm. Achieving this is as simple as turning down the television, closing the window blinds and putting pajamas on your child. You’ll also want to make sure she’s used the bathroom right before putting her down.
  4. Bedtime snacks. Something predictable, calming and sugar free, is the best choice. Before brushing their teeth, allow your child to eat in their room as you read them a story. You can efficiently complete the bedtime ritual this way.
  5. Lay with them. This feeling of comfort helps your little one sleep easier. If you’re nursing or rock your child to sleep, and he wakes up, you’ll need to do this again for your little one to fall back asleep. To help him fall asleep in his bed himself, put him in bed when he’s awake.

Teaching your child to sleep on his own is a process that is learned over time. You shouldn’t expect your toddler to take to the routine immediately. Over time, however, following the rules you set forth will have your little one in bed and sleeping like a baby in no time.


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