Remedies To Help The Teething Baby

When there’s a teething baby in the house, everyone suffers. Poor bub is uncomfortable, in pain and distressed. Mom is upset at the fact that she seems to only be able to do so much to help, Dad is trying to help out and everyone’s losing sleep because the baby is.

There are remedies to help, and naturally, you’ll do all you can to alleviate the symptoms and bring peace back to the home.

You might like to go out and collect some provisions that will help. This way, you’ll have everything you need and no cause for alarm if you find you need something like teething gel in the middle of the night.

Items To Assemble
– Teething gel
– Acetaminophen for pain relief
– Petroleum jelly (for diaper rash and drool rash)
– Cool, clean wash cloths
– Teething ring
– Teething rusks or biscuits
– Apples and bananas

Food That Help
Wrap a cold, peeled apple wedge in a clean washcloth or piece of muslin. Once your baby tastes the sweetness, she will want to continue biting down and sucking and this will exercise and massage gums, which will provide relief.

Frozen bananas work a treat. They fit nicely in the mouth, taste wonderful and are sweet and cooling.

Soft foods that won’t irritate gums are helpful. Try soup, well-cooked pasta with some bland sauce, mashed vegetables, custard and sandwiches with the crusts removed.

Try to create a calm, relaxed atmosphere while baby is teething. Too much noise and commotion will not help with a stressed, over-tired baby. If you keep your cool and don’t succumb to impatience and frustration, though it is very difficult, your baby will feel much calmer herself. Avoid having to go out and face crowds. Home time, in familiar surroundings is easier for all concerned.

Physical Relief
Teething rings are like gold to babies with sore gums. Keep a couple in the refrigerator and while one is in use, the other is chilling. Give one to baby to chew on for relief whenever necessary.

Massaging baby’s gums with your clean finger, or a clean washcloth on the end of your finger will provide relief as well.

Teething rusks and biscuits help with discomfort as well as giving your baby something welcome to suck on. If her appetite is low, she may just derive some nutrients from the biscuits and feel like eating a little more next meal time.

Medical Remedies
If possible, avoid administering Acetaminophen (Children’s Tylenol). But as a last resort, it can really pull you through a difficult period. No one wants their child to suffer from pain, so use it when required for pain relief and alleviation of fever.

If your child’s teething concerns you greatly, consult your family doctor. Particularly in the case of a first child, it’s incredibly difficult to know what’s normal and what’s not, and a little reassurance will go a long way to keeping everyone feeling comfortable and happy.