Safe Infant Sleep Positions

If you have a newborn then you are certainly looking for the most information to help you keep baby safe and developing properly. One thing you will want to focus on is safe infant sleep positions. The reason it is so important for babies to sleep in a recommended position, i.e. on their backs, is because studies have shown that babies that sleep on their backs have a 10 to 15 times reduction in dying from SIDS. Reducing this risk factor is huge and parents should ensure that baby only sleeps on his back.

Some parents argue that their baby doesn’t like to sleep on his back or that he gets better sleep on his stomach. That may be true because many babies find that stomach sleeping is more comfortable. However, it is not safe and not recommended. Another argument is that stomach was actually recommended by pediatricians 20 to 30 years ago. That is true and many parents followed this advice. However, despite the fact that many children survived does not make up for the fact that some babies didn’t. There is no arguing the research and facts that infants are safer sleeping on their backs so simply make it happen for your little one.

There are various places for your baby to sleep. This could be in a bed, crib, cot, bassinet, sidecar arrangement, swing, and others. Make sure wherever your baby sleeps that he is on his back and that there is nothing that could strangle or suffocate him. If your baby has acid reflux or any other problems that makes back sleeping incredibly difficult for your infant or impossible then you should speak with your pediatrician about the safest sleeping options.

Ensuring a safe sleeping environment for baby is of utmost importance and parents should work hard to ensure that baby is safe.