She Ought to be in Pictures

If you haven’t already done so, consider getting a good camera and chronicling your pregnancy, and the first couple years of your baby’s life. When your baby grows up, she will have lots of questions about where she came from, and some of the most precious memories you can make involve opening up your scrapbooks and showing your kids how mommy and daddy looked through the whole process. Additionally, she’ll want to see lots of pictures of herself through her baby and toddler years.

You’ll want to pick up a good camera. If you use a digital camera, you’ll want to make sure that you get a quality printer which is able to accommodate photo paper. While there’s nothing wrong with having a database full of your favorite pictures, there’s nothing worse than having a hard drive crash, leaving you without any of your precious photographs. Make sure you print out your favorite photographs.

Many parents to be like to create scrapbook pages. Entire businesses, such as Treasured Memories, are devoted to teaching people how to create beautiful, creative scrapbook pages which can be enjoyed and handed down for generations to enjoy. Even if you don’t use special scrap booking materials and books, make sure to jot a few notes down about favorite photographs. Trust us on this one, you’ll have a great time sharing the memories with your children as they grow up.

We recently received some pictures of our grandparents and great grandparents when they were babies and toddlers. Remember when you take pictures of your pregnancy, and those precious first few years of baby’s life, that you are creating memories which will outlive both you and your baby. Someday, your great grandchildren might be able to see the things you’re seeing and experiencing now.

So, take as many pictures as you can. Make sure that you mark every milestone. Take photos of the places you go while you are pregnant, of the loved ones who surround you, of the places you live. Even the smallest things can serve to bring back pleasant memories for you and your children down the road.