SIDS and Vaccines

Each year many infants die from SIDS, which doctors rule as an unknown reason for death. However, many parents find their infant dies not long after receiving a routine vaccination. Many doctors and researchers claim this is simply a coincidence in the timing and that vaccines had nothing to do with the child’s death. On the other hand, parents frequently claim the vaccine was the cause of the SIDS. There is no definitive link between SIDS and vaccines that you can claim with 100% certainty. However, there does appear to be enough evidence that parents should proceed with caution when it comes to vaccinating their infants.

For example, if there is no urgent need for your 2 month old to receive the Dtap vaccine then consider waiting until she is a year or two years of age. Parents can opt to forgo certain vaccines as well. Those babies who have had adverse reactions or who have parents with certain religious beliefs can be approved to forgo vaccinations.

There is always debate over whether SIDS is caused by vaccines, which some doctors and researchers believe, or whether vaccines have nothing to do with the deaths of babies. Parents should conduct the research on their own to determine what they believe. However, any infant born to parents who suffered vaccination reactions or that have a family history of vaccination reactions should certainly consider delaying vaccinations.