Sleep Aids for Infants

Are you looking for some tried and true methods to help your little one fall asleep peacefully? If so, you will be glad to know that centuries worth of traditions are available to see if they help your little one get the sleep they need. There are many all natural sleep aids that should be tried before resulting to medicines or anything of that nature. In fact, you should never give your infant medicine for the sole purpose of putting her to sleep as this is very dangerous.

Swaddle Your Infant

The first thing parents should try with their infant is swaddling. Many times infants can’t sleep in an open crib alone because they don’t feel very secure. However, when they are swaddled tightly then they can sleep comfortably almost anywhere. Usually the babies that respond best to swaddling are a month or younger. There are some blankets that will allow you to swaddle baby quickly and easily with the use of Velcro. Then, you can learn to swaddle baby on your own or with a nurse’s help at the hospital.

Thumbs and/or Pacifiers

Newborns and babies can both use their thumbs or pacifiers to self soothe. The sucking reflect is natural and one that soothes babies worldwide. It’s truly best for your baby to suck his thumb over a pacifier because he can always find it and you won’t have to get up in the middle of the night to fetch it. However, some babies prefer a pacifier over their thumb. Try and encourage thumb sucking and your little one just might be able to sleep better and for longer.


A bedtime routine is absolutely essential for babies to know when to go to sleep. Following the exact same routine every night is also comforting to babies because they know what to expect. You should ensure that your little one is as comfortable as possible and follow the same routine day in and day out. Your baby won’t get bored and will actually find security in the knowledge that he knows what’s coming next. If you religiously follow a routine and one day get out of order your little one just might let you know with a cry, a finger point, or something else to help get your attention.