Staying Sane while Baby Cries at Night

Parenting is demanding, especially for new parents. Night time parenting in particular is very difficult to deal with at times. As much as you love that little one, when she cries and cries, and you can’t seem to find anything that can help her to relax and go back to sleep (and allow you to sleep a little yourself), it can absolutely wear on you.

While there have been libraries full of books written on night time parenting, there really are no definitive answers on how to get yourself through it. There are many good suggestions, but deciding which ones will work for you is largely a personal decision. With that said, here are some of our best suggestions for staying sane while your baby cries through the night:

  • Take turns. Parenting is a big job, and it’s best when handled by two people working together. If you’re going out of your mind, it’s time to hand off and let your partner take over.
  • Call in reinforcements. If you’re both going out of your minds, call in someone to help you out. Grandparents were made for just such occasions as this. Even if you don’t live close to family, you’d be surprised how many people know what you’re going through and would be willing to help.
  • Sleep during the day time. The old saying says that if you can’t beat them, you should consider joining them. When it comes to sleeping and babies, we couldn’t agree more. Take naps while baby is sleeping during the day.
  • Have night time parenting essentials handy. There’s nothing worse than having a good idea of what might soothe the baby, but not being able to find that pacifier, bottle, or whatever it is that you need. Comfort items, blankets, bottles, diapers, wipes, and anything else you might need to tend to baby’s needs should be placed somewhere that you can easily find and reach them, even in the dark.
  • Don’t be afraid to walk away. No one wants to leave their baby alone while she cries. But when it comes to the point that you are going crazy, there’s nothing wrong with laying her down someplace safe (like her crib) and stepping outside. The best thing you can do sometimes to help sooth your baby is to sooth yourself.