The Best Place for Baby to Sleep

There is much discussion these days about where babies should sleep. More and more parents are opting for co sleeping arrangements, in which the baby sleeps in bed with mom and dad. Others put baby into her own crib in her own room from the time she comes home from the hospital. But, which is better?

Most experts agree that the best place for a baby to sleep is in the same room with mom and dad, but in her own crib. This allows baby to see you, while also making it more convenient for you to take of any nighttime parenting needs.

Some suggest it also helps baby’s emotional development to know that you are there for her whenever she wakes up. Additionally, having the baby in the same room with you allows you to respond to her night time wakings more quickly. Not only will this keep her from becoming overly fussy before you can tend to her, but it may also help her fall back to sleep more quickly.

The crib should ideally be placed in such a way that you and your baby can see each other. When you lay baby down in her crib, make sure to always lay her down on her back. This helps prevent sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). You will also want to make sure that you don’t have loose blankets, pillows, bumpers, or toys in the crib with baby, as these present choking and suffocation hazards.

Experts differ regarding how long you should keep baby in your room with you. Some suggest that you should move baby to her own room as soon as she is sleeping through the night, while others feel that you should keep your baby in the same room with you until she is about two years old and ready to transition to a toddler bed.

Ultimately, the decision of where your baby should sleep is up to you. There are advantages to having baby sleep in the same room with you, but nothing so critical that it’s likely to cause any harm or trauma to your baby if she sleeps in her own room from the time you bring her home.