The Best Swaddling Blanket Fabric

There aren’t many things that get better with time. Would it be nice to know that one of them might be your baby’s swaddling blanket? If you choose a cotton muslin swaddling blanket, it just might. Not only is it a wonderfully soft material, but it actually becomes softer the more you wash it.

Cotton muslin has been used for swaddling blankets since the 1600s in Europe and the Middle East. Even with all of the synthetic fabrics on the market today, cotton muslin is amongst the best (and may believe it’s the best) fabric for receiving blankets. Here are some of its features:

  • Light weight. This makes it perfect as a receiving blanket or swaddling wrap, especially during the summertime.
  • Soft and flexible. All you have to do is touch it yourself to know that cotton muslin is going to be very comfy for your baby. Its flexibility makes it perfect for wrapping baby snuggly while still allowing her to stretch her legs out without undoing the swaddling.
  • Even though it is thin, cotton muslin is durable. Instead of wearing out, it actually becomes softer as you wash it. So, it’s one of the few things that actually get better with time and use.
  • Cotton muslin is breathable. This benefits your baby because it allows airflow. It also allows moisture to evaporate. Babies sweat when they sleep, and many synthetic fabrics trap that moisture next to baby’s body. A soft cotton muslin blanket allows the moisture to escape, helping baby stay dry and comfortable.
  • Cotton muslin is eco-friendly. Because it’s made of cotton, which is a completely renewable resource, choosing cotton muslin over synthetic materials is not only good for your baby, but for the environment as well.

Babies spend a lot of their time sleeping. And for the three or four months of their lives, a lot of their time will be spent in a swaddling or receiving blanket. So, the softer and more comfortable baby’s blanket, the better.

While all newborns wake up periodically to eat, or because they need changing, a baby who is securely swaddled in a comfortable blanket will often sleep for longer periods.