The No Cry Sleep Solution and Infants

The “No Cry Sleep Solution” is a method of teaching babies to go to sleep and stay asleep through the night without making them cry inconsolably until they give up hope that their parents will come and get them. The idea behind the “No Cry Sleep Solution” is for parents to help teach their babies to sleep with no tears and no fear.

One common method of getting baby to sleep through the night is the Cry it Out method. This method advocates letting baby cry uncontrollably until she falls asleep from exhaustion. Basically, over a period of days or weeks baby will eventually give up and just fall asleep because he knows his parents won’t respond to his cries.

Another idea behind sleep was that babies needed their parents’ attention all day and all night and eventually they would sleep through the night when they were ready. Neither of these options work well for parents who both need their sleep and want a caring and kind way to help their infants sleep through the night.

Parents interested in maintain gin their baby’s trust and developing a relationship that is trusting on both sides then parents should consider the No Cry Sleep Solution method of caring for their infant and helping them sleep.

Parents that try this method find that not only does their baby learn to sleep on her own, but gradually learns to sleep all night, too. Parents benefit because they eventually are able to sleep all night as well. This is important because everyone in the family is able to sleep while maintaining a trusting relationship.