There’s More Than One Way to Help Baby Sleep

Babies are a lot like snowflakes and diamonds. No two of them are alike. Parents are often baffled when the sure fire methods they used to help one baby nod off to sleep don’t seem to work at all for the new arrival, but this is normal. Each and every little bundle of joy comes with their own distinct personality, complete with likes and dislikes. And at no time is this more readily apparent than when you are trying to help the new baby fall asleep.

Of course, there are some things that will keep any baby from sleeping. Infants have very small tummies and need to be fed at least every four hours. Any baby will have trouble resting if she is hungry. Or wet, soiled, too hot, or too cold. If baby is having trouble drifting off to sleep, go through the normal checklist. Has she been fed recently? Is she clean and dry? Is she warm enough? Too hot?

Once you have ensured that all of baby’s needs have been met, be willing to try new and different methods of soothing your baby. It takes time to get to know your infant, but before long you will figure out what best comforts him. As a parent, you have many tricks up your sleeve to help your little one nod off. Don’t limit yourself to the ones that have worked with other babies.

Some babies like to be held and rocked to sleep, while others you can lay down. Try rubbing baby’s back while he’s lying down and speaking or singing softly to him instead of picking him up when he’s fussy. If this helps soothe your little guy, it carries the additional benefit that he’ll already be lying down when you are ready to leave him alone to sleep.

For some babies, you should keep things as quiet as possible while they’re trying to fall asleep. Other babies prefer soft, repetitive sounds. You can sing softly to your baby, or use a recording of music or other relaxing sounds. The bottom line is that all babies are different. Feel free to experiment until you find something that works for you and your new baby.