Treatments for Your Baby’s Colic



Colic can cause you high amounts of stress and will often affect everyone’s sleep. It can leave you with any number of negative feelings including frustration, worry, exhaustion, confusion and guilt. Despite this, it’s necessary to foster a special bond with your newborn.

Although a few natural treatments help soothe colicky babies, there isn’t a permanent solution for colic.

It’s best to stay calm. Exhibiting frustration or anxiety to your colicky child is likely to end with additional crying. Remember to never shake or punish your colicky baby. If you believe you’re about to break, find another to care for your child while you step away to gather your wits.

Understanding Colic

If you think your baby has colic, contact your family doctor or pediatrician. After eliminating potential medical causes of extended crying, respiratory issues or ear infections for example, many doctors suggest easy to manage home methods.

Some colicky babies appear to feel better when they’re showered with attention from their parents and sleep in a quiet room. Some experts encourage parents to socialize with other couples for support. If you’ve been through colic with another child, you may choose to contact your doctor if you feel your colicky baby is ill. Colic is sometimes a genetic trait.

Plenty of colicky babies are calmed by certain motions, particularly vibration, as well as consistent background noise like a low hum.

If your child is calmed when riding in your vehicle, this is practically characteristic of the “colic temperament” syndrome. Some normal background sounds that calm colicky babies include vacuums, washing machines and dishwashers. There are also widely available goods that can fabricate white noise.

Although the reasons for colic is undiscovered, experts believe gas in newborns may be one reason for symptoms that resemble colic. There are plenty of over-the-counter remedies that contain the drug simethicone. This can alleviate gas cramps by altering gas bubble surface tension, which turns big bubbles into smaller ones, even though the amount of gas remains the same. Some children also cry less when they’re given this harmless and affordable medicine.

Should your baby experience colic that doesn’t seem to cease, you’ll most likely seek an effective, natural and safe colic treatment to alleviate your baby’s suffering. There are plenty of remedies available for baby colic. As usual, you should contact your doctor before giving your baby any medicine, supplements or remedies.