Unique Baby Gifts

It’s difficult trying to come up with unique baby gifts. Short of frankincense and mhyrr, how can you really make an impression? Easy! Just by looking around and by being a little creative.

Personalized gifts
Everyone has a little narcissism in them, which is why most of us enjoy gifts that have something of ourselves in them. When the baby grows older, she can look back on and enjoy knowing that the gift you gave was given specifically to her and that it belongs to no one else.

Towels, washers and clothing with the baby’s name and perhaps date of birth embroidered on them are lovely. Or you could arrange for engraving on silverware, pewterware, gold, glass and crystal. Wooden bedroom door signs with the child’s name are popular, as are little pretend license plates that can be affixed to the end of the crib or change table.

Passing on an item that has been in your family for generations is not only special but incredibly generous. Whether it’s a fob watch, a pendant or a lace handkerchief, heirlooms are precious and undeniably sweet.

Time capsule
It’s really fun and interesting to do a search on the Internet and find out what happened on the day you were born. Compiling a time capsule for a new baby is an idea that will captivate all who get to see it. It’s not necessary to bury this gift as traditionally happens with time capsules, but what’s important is to fill it to the brim with wonderful messages of the day, and include news items, a copy of the newspaper with the masthead showing the baby’s date of birth, sales material displaying prices, photos of the family, photos of the city where the baby was born and all manner of other paraphernalia that will be a delight to look at in years to come.

If you’re the artistic type, take a photo of the baby and draw a cute caricature of him doing something a little more grown up, such as riding a bicycle, feeding an animal or driving a car. You can also include the parents in the picture. If you can’t draw for peanuts, there are artists who advertise their services on the Internet and can post the picture to you when it’s ready.

Similarly, if you paint, you might like to create a work of art featuring the baby’s likeness, that the parents can have framed and hung on the wall.

Zen gifts
For families who like things a little more ‘zen’, there are some delightful gift ideas. Again, make use of the Internet and find an astrology service that will put together a chart for the new baby. This can be framed and presented for future reference. Other services offer name meanings and can provide translations into other languages as well. You can even arrange for a poster that includes all the baby’s vital statistics such as birth weight, birth length, name meaning, date and time of birth, plus zodiac sign. Families who understand the significance of them appreciate crystals, which are available in myriad colors, so you might like to buy a pink one for a girl or a blue one for a boy.

Designer gifts
Baby Weeboks by Reebok are adorable. Other designers offer baby versions of their clothing collections and some parents love to dress their children up in miniature Gucci and Prada. There are also designer fragrances specifically formulated for babies.

Video of birth
If you were enlisted to take video footage of the birth, a lovely idea is to put together a video collage of the mother when pregnant, the father stroking the ‘baby bump’, the actual birth, the joy following the delivery, and events in the ensuing days. This is a glorious reminder of the baby’s entry to the world.

Unique baby gifts are always appreciated as they show you really care about giving something with significance.