Use a Dryer to Help Infant Sleep

Parents with babies with colic find that the sound of a hair dryer or clothes dryer works wonders for helping their colicky baby relax and sleep. However, it’s not realistic to hold a hair dryer all night or even leave the clothes dryer running that long. Luckily, there are CDs with the hair dryer and clothes dryer sounds that can be played on repeat to help baby sleep through the night or even just calm down.

Hair Dryer

If you don’t want to buy a CD before knowing that your little one responds to the hair dryer sound you might want to try turning on the hairdryer in the same room as your infant, but not close enough to blow air on them. The goal is to let your infant hear the noise, not dry their hair! Let your little one listen to the hair dryer sound for a few minutes and maybe it will be the miraculous solution you have been searching for. If it works, you will definitely want to get a CD with the hair dryer sound so you can use it wherever or whenever!

Clothes Dryer

Some babies respond to the sound of the clothes dryer. If you have a colicky baby try turning on the clothes dryer and holding your baby close by so they can hear it. Sometimes babies placed on top of the dryer in a car seat or bouncy seat, while being stabilized by a parent, will calm down. Give it a try if your baby is colicky! It’s certainly worth a shot.

White Noise

Some parents find that a good white noise machine works wonders for their colicky baby. If you haven’t tried it then buy a white noise machine or CD and turn it on. Sometimes this noise is enough to help baby calm down and let everyone get some rest.