What Is Gripe Water and How Does It Help Infant Colic?

As you may know, colic is a somewhat mysterious condition that there are no medications or tried and true treatments for it. But, if your baby is suffering colic, so are you and you are desperate to find some relief. You and your baby need to try Gripe Water, as you’ll likely find it the solution to colic that you have been looking for. When you try Gripe Water you’ll likely think you’ve happened upon a miracle, but really, it’s nothing all that special, it just happens to be what you and your baby need most right now!

Gripe Water is a European remedy that has been around for ages. When gas medications and massage won’t work, Gripe Water usually will which is why most mothers keep it on hand all the time. Gripe water is simply water fortified with herbs that are proven to help calm the stomach and even the intestines. The water is sterile water usually fortified with herbs such as peppermint, chamomile, fennel, or ginger or a combination of these herbs. All of these herbs have been used for centuries to help with stomach upset, and they have been proven to help infants as well. Your pediatrician may recommend that you feed your baby four ounces of herbal tea per day to help with stomach cramps, but when you substitute Gripe Water you don’t have to choose what type of tea to use each day. Instead, your baby can benefit from a mixture of these herbs that will likely provide a lot of relief.

Gripe Water works with infant colic because the herbs used in it have a calming effect on the whole digestive system. Because doctors don’t know exactly what causes colic, their efforts with gas medication and reflux medication are hit or miss. With Gripe Water you can easily and effectively address the whole digestive tract, which is usually what babies complain about when they suffer from colic. Gripe Water simply addresses all of your colicky infant’s gripes, and it doesn’t get much more straightforward than that!

If your baby won’t take the Gripe Water by itself, you can easily use the Gripe Water instead of tap or sterile water when you mix formula. Your baby will likely not be able to tell the difference and will eat like normal. But, the pain of colic will not follow the feeding because the herbs in the Gripe Water will counter the digestive irritation caused by the formula. If you are breast-feeding, try spooning the Gripe Water into your baby’s mouth if he or she won’t take a bottle.

The great thing about using Gripe Water to treat colic is that it’s all natural. There is no need to worry about over dosing your baby or the side effects he or she may have from the herbs. If it works, great, you can keep using it. If it happens to not work for your child, there is no harm in having tried the natural remedy. Chances are, you’ll find that Gripe Water makes life with a colicky baby worth living again!

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