What Is Neocate Baby Formula And When Is It Used?

Neocate is a special formula designed for infants who have a milk protein allergy or multiple food protein intolerances. It contains all the necessary nutrients infants need for growth and development.

Cow’s milk allergy is the most common food allergy found in infants. Happily, the majority of children grow out of it by the time they’re two or three years of age. Although milk allergies are not ‘curable’, the symptoms can be controlled with a dairy-free diet. Sufferers will exhibit symptoms such as skin rashes including eczema, and/or vomiting, tummy ache and diarrhea. Less common symptoms are anaphylactic reactions such as swelling in the face, mouth and tongue which can lead to breathing difficulties; hives and severe vomiting.

Your doctor will recommend Neocate if your child appears to have a milk protein allergy. It is nutritionally complete, meaning that it will provide all the nutrients your child will need. It’s also hypoallergenic so it’s less likely than other formulas to produce an allergic response. Neocate’s ingredients are formulated in their simplest and purest form, making them far easier for the body to process and digest. Amino acids are the protein basis, thus eliminating issues with cow’s milk.

Neocate is not only an excellent food source additionally provides rapid relief of the symptoms mentioned above. It’s also useful in the treatment of allergic colitis, dietary related colic and helps children to catch up on nutrients they had been missing due to inability to feed adequately because of their allergies.

For all its exceptional advantages in therapeutic feeding, Neocate is understandably quite expensive. Naturally, parents will do all they can to ensure their child is fed with a minimum of difficulty and discomfort, so buying Neocate is, in some instances, an absolute must. There are often sellers on ebay offering the product for sale. Sometimes it’s unused cans left over after their child has grown out of the need for it; others have bulk quantities for sale, in factory sealed boxes, and can even cite the expiry date and batch number. In some states, Neocate may be partially covered by your health insurance.