What Types Of Swaddling Blankets Are Available?

Swaddling is a practice that has been used for centuries. Swaddling refers to a process whereby you snugly wrap your baby in a sheet or a blanket. Swaddling serves several purposes. First, swaddling helps your baby feel safe and secure. Some experts believe that swaddling, in many ways, helps to create a feeling for your baby that is similar to the way that he or she would have felt in the womb. Second, swaddling can help a baby who is crying to settle down, and to fall asleep. Swaddling has been used to help babies with colic, in this regard. Finally, swaddling is thought to help reduce the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, or SIDS, in that swaddling keeps your baby from rolling onto his or her side or back. There are several different types of swaddling blankets to choose from.

The first type of swaddling blanket is, simply, a small blanket that is appropriately sized for your baby. To use this kind of blanket, you first lay the blanket out flat. You then place your baby onto the blanket facing up, with the neck resting securely on the folded part of the blanket. Next, you wrap one of the corners of the blanket across your baby’s body. Tuck that corner underneath your baby. After this, you will lift up the bottom corner of the sheet so that it is over your baby’s feet. Lastly, you will wrap the other corner around your baby. Only your baby’s head and neck will be exposed. It is important to make certain that your baby’s face is not covered, and that your baby is not wrapped too tightly.

The next type of swaddling blanket is a blanket that is specifically designed for swaddling. These blankets come with instructions on their use, and are specifically shaped and cut so as to be able to swaddle your baby with little trouble. Generally, they are also designed so that it would be difficult for your baby’s face to be covered.

The final type of swaddling blanket is a safety blanket. Sometimes called a “sleep sack,” a safety blanket works like a swaddling blanket. A safety blanket, however, is not folded around your baby. Rather, a safety blanket is zipped up after your baby is placed on it. Because of the design, it is nearly impossible for your baby to cover his or her face with a safety blanket, or to kick it off during the night.