When Diaper Rash Interrupts Your Baby’s Sleep

The fact of the matter is that diaper rash can really cause parents and baby a lot of frustration. In addition to the discomfort that naturally accompanies diaper rash, the condition can also interrupt your baby’s sleep very easily. If you want to help your baby sleep at night, you need to watch out for diaper rash, be able to identify the possible causes, and actively work to reduce the problem.

One of the most common causes of diaper rash is friction. This usually happens in the area of the diaper that is exposed to elastic. This means the thighs and the waist area are the most common spots where you’ll find diaper rash caused by friction.

Diaper rash is also often caused by irritants. This will most often happen when your baby goes too long in between diaper changes. The contents of his diaper will cause the skin to be irritated. Prolonged exposure to either urine or feces will usually cause irritation to the skin.

In some cases, food can cause diaper rash. Usually, this happens when your baby is allergic to a certain type of food. If your baby has unexplained diaper rash, and if you’ve been through all of the other possible causes such as friction or exposure to irritants, it may be that you should look into food allergies.

If your baby is indeed allergic to some sort of food, there will usually be other things that indicate the allergy in addition to diaper rash. Often, when a baby is allergic to food, she will break out elsewhere on her skin. She might have an upset tummy, too.

Food allergies are safe to diagnose and usually treatable. The easiest form of treatment, of course, is to avoid giving your baby that particular food. You may find that just switching your baby off of the specific food that he’s allergic to will help him be much more at ease overall, and will help him to sleep through the night better.