Will Swaddling Help My Infant Sleep Better?

Babies are used to being snuggled up tight in the womb so it’s no wonder when they are born sometimes it is hard for babies to sleep comfortably. That’s why it is recommended to swaddle your newborn. Swaddling has been used for many years in all parts of the world simply because it is effective. It is especially helpful for putting babies to sleep on their backs because most babies do not like to sleep in this position. Swaddling them gives them the security they need to sleep soundly and to cry less. Back sleeping is recommended because it reduces the risk of SIDS by 10 to 15 times. That is a huge difference and reason enough to place baby on his back to sleep.

Some babies may resist swaddling, but the vast majority of babies will appreciate being bundled up tightly. This recreates the sensation of the womb where they were snuggled in tightly. Providing baby this security and comfort will result in a baby that is calmer and that sleeps easier. Your baby will surely be swaddled in the hospital so ask a nurse to show you how. If you have difficulty with swaddling then consider buying some of the blankets with Velcro that make swaddling simple and fast. These are usually like little sacks that you place baby in and wrap the blanket around securing it with Velcro.

Most babies like to be swaddled for the first couple months of life, but afterwards they will grow out of this stage. There is nothing wrong with swaddling your baby, just make sure that your baby is not getting too hot. Babies who get overheated are at a higher risk for SIDS.